What are the characteristics of an expert?  Here are few: They have been interviewed on the radio.  They have been on TV. They have written a book. They have presented a topic or a paper in front of their peers.  They have published articles.

So, get your voice on the radio.  I have three radio interviews this week.  One in Holland, Michigan, one in Central Illinois, and one Leon and I just did in Northwestern New Jersey.  It’s not that hard to do.  Just follow the steps in your previous NAC Inner Circle Appraiser’s Marketing Newsletter, or find it in the appraisal marketing kits we offer.

One great way to instantly make yourself an authority is to  publish an article on your specialty.  Writing it is easy, and getting it published is even easier.  Just make copies of it and send it to your client base.  – You’re the publisher!  If you don’t like that idea, try posting it on your blog.  If that’s not high-level enough for you, then go to www.ezinearticles.com and sign up to be an author.  They’ll let you post up to ten articles on any subject.  They review your work before posting.  If your articles are interesting, informative, high-quality, and well-written, then they’ll let you post more.

I’m considered a Platinum Level Author by “ezinearticles.com.”  That gets me top billing on their site and on many others.  They even sent me a package of fresh coffee and a big mug to go with it.

Certainly there are a few tricks of the trade to getting your work read and used by others.  The technique is called “viral marketing” and it’s a no-cost system for getting your name and your articles on thousands of websites around the world.

Not enough space here to cover it all, so find out how you can ask me more!