I’m sitting in McCarran International waiting for my flight home, after a most productive trip to Las Vegas.  It’s my annual ‘Marketing Summit’ with an old friend I’ve know since I was five.  Bill Cardell runs an exciting and profitable business providing high-performance parts for Mazda Miatas.  he designs, manufactures, sells, and installs turbo chargers for those cool little cars and makes them go really fast. www.flyinmiata.com (no “g”.)  I bought Nancy one for her birthday last year and just installed a roll bar before I left for the Vegas Marketing trip.  He’s trying to convince me to put a Corvette engine in it, like he has done for several of his customers.

Bill and I spent three days locked in a Vegas hotel room figuring out each others’ marketing plans and ideas.  Although my business and Bill’s seems entirely different: –services vs. product — conservative vs. wild & crazy — we found it to be very enlightening and extremely productive.

The Common Denominator

The common denominator is that both of us care about each others’ success and happiness.  We have created what is known as a Mastermind Group.  The term originated with Napoleon Hill’s timeless reference “Think and Grow Rich.”  they key element is:  each member of the group is as committed to the other members’ success and development as he is to his own success.

Bill meets the definition perfectly.  The fact that we have different businesses gives each of us a different perspective.  Marketing is marketing — no matter what you sell.

Each of us left with new ideas, some terrific headlines, greater insight, and a new energy level.  Bill created a killer headline and theme for our next direct mail campaign, and I helped him turn a currently non-billed service into a solid, billable product with added value.

Action Items:

  • Create your own Mastermind Group.
  • Find associates, colleagues, and old friends who are interested in your business and your area of specialty.  Make sure you and potential members will be thrilled with your success, happiness, and growth.  Meet regularly – on the phone via webinar, teleconference, or in person.
  • Create an agenda for each meeting and stick to it.  Document your progress and make sure each member of the group keeps bugging the others until you all reach your goals and objectives on time.
  • Also, be certain to assign a facilitator.  That person is responsible for confirming meeting dates, sending out reminder notices, and facilitating each meeting.  That role can rotate each meeting.

I currently facilitate a few industry specific Mastermind Groups.  If you are interested in forming or joining a Mastermind Group, give me a call on my private business line — it rings in my home too:  908-256-6119, and we can figure out if there’s a good fit