I’m sitting in Newark Airport waiting for my seriously delayed flight to take me to Chicago for a series of meetings with our Government clients and a few of our NAC Bootcamp Alumni Associates. That must mean it’s time to put ‘thought to word’ and make good use of some well-appreciated free time.

Here goes: Marketing lessons and inspiring ideas are all around us if you look for them. Unfortunately we miss too many of them. What holds us back and keeps us from seeing and using these amazing marketing ideas and the “blinding flashes of genius,” is the phrase; “But the appraisal business is different.”

Many appraisers see an eye-catching headline, or a spectacular marketing approach, and they dismiss it as a marketing idea for their business because they believe the appraisal business is different. Your business is not “different.”

Unsuccessful appraisers have made it different because they are not creative enough nor do they have the drive and tenacity to learn the lessons and apply them to the appraisal business.

Make no mistake – there are “appraisers” and there are “those who are in the appraisal business.” “Appraisers” will not be truly successful. Sure, they may squeeze out a meager living and tell themselves, and others, that they are doing “good work” and “helping others.”

Then there is the rare breed who are in “the appraisal business.” They understand that it is “a business,” and they invest in education beyond appraisal methodology and specialty studies. Their education includes; business practices, professional services marketing, sales training, time management, negotiating skills, copywriting, psychology of success, and customer service, just to name a few.

People in the appraisal business create a great life for themselves and their families, They have more free time for friends and family, and make enough money to financially support the causes they believe in.

These are the appraisers who really “help others.” They help their families by providing a great income. They manage their time properly so they spend lots of it with their spouses, kids and friends. They regularly contribute both time and money to their favorite charities. They also help their clients too. They charge a fee large enough to be able to continually purchase the required data base references, software, and appraisal training to deliver top-shelf, qualified appraisal reports.

So stop thinking of yourself as an “appraiser,” and start acting like a business person. Take the classes. Read the books. Learn from others. Check out all the NAC appraisal practice business development programs at: www.ApprasierSuccess.com

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