Price – price – price.

It’s the most common discussion I have with NAC Inner Circle Members,
marketing clients, and fellow appraisers. And, it’s the least important factor in making a sale.

I hear it all the time:

“But my town is different.”
“Where I live nobody will pay that much.”
“People in my area all shop price – they want the cheapest deal possible.”
“People in my town want bargains and they always want a lower price.”

I have one very short and accurate reply. Bull-O-Knee!!

Here are six facts that refute this ridiculous and erroneous attitude:

  1. If this is true, then there should be only one restaurant in town – McDonalds.
  2. There should be only one coffee shop in town and it’s not a Starbucks.
  3. There must be only one car dealership – a Hyundai dealer – the cheapest car on the market.
  4. There is only one dentist and he or she does not give Novocain, and uses a dull drill to keep prices low.
  5. There is no dry cleaner in town, because it’s cheaper to wash clothes yourself.
  6. The cheapest appraiser is getting ALL the business in town, no matter how crappy a job he or she does.


These mystery towns that I hear about all the time — do not exist.
I’m pretty sure that the appraisers who make the “My town is different” claim are dead wrong.
Their town is no different than mine or yours.
Not ALL people shop price.

FACT: When there are no other factors in a buying decision, then price is the default buying criteria.
Read that statement again!

TIP: Never quote a price until a prospect knows what he or she is getting for their investment.

FACT: If you give your prospects reasons why price is not a factor they will include those reasons in the decision.

TIP: Give prospects reasons that make price no longer a buying consideration.
Include concepts like: time savings, accuracy, convenience, speed of completion, no hassle, reduced stress, confidentiality.

FACT: If all your prospects are cheapskates, then you did something to attract those cheap people to you.

TIP: Find out what you are doing to attract cheapskates and stop doing that — NOW.

FACT: Only about 5% of all prospects shop exclusively by price.

TIP: Stop complaining and start selling to the people in your town who drive a Lexus and buy their morning coffee at Starbucks.

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