The February issue of your Inner Circle Appraiser Marketing Newsletter contains the master index of every article in all 100 issues of your newsletter.

Remember, you can easily access every issue on the Inner Circle Appraiser website, and you read any article at any time, because you are a subscriber. That’s more than 800 pages of real-world appraisal marketing and sales tips, articles, systems, and information just for you and your appraisal practice.

So pick one article every day and read it through.  Then apply that marketing idea, sales tip, or business-building  technique.

Enjoy —

Here’s a quick look at a few issues and article titles.

Issue   Article Title

115 A cheap-but-effective give-away

115 To Web or Not to Web?
115 Your Free, Re-printable Article
115 How to Incorporate Networking Events Into Your Marketing Plan
115 Creating Effective Press Releases
116 Appraisal Marketing Tips From Universal Studios
116 Your Rates are Too Low
116 Conferences & Seminars That Pay You, Not Cost You
116 Last Saturday I Paid $3,475.87 to Have Breakfast With a Call Girl
116 Kick Me in the Pants
116 Hey Kid, Smell the Antenna!! Leon’s not the only one!
117 Ride the Wave
117 Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay – At Least the Autographs Are
117 NAC Associates Keep Developing Their Appraisal Practices
118 Keeping It In Front of Them
118 Being A Good Host
118 Upcoming Appraisal Events
119 Appraisal Ethics and Etiquette
119 Press releases or pre-written stories?
119 To mail or not to e-mail
120 Have Your Sound Bites Ready to Go
120 Create a big bribe
120 The Big Marketing Myth
120 Are there really lots of good people in the world??
120 Are you using Formula Headlines?
121 How to Write a Good Appraisal Article
122 The $16,000.00 greeting
122 Throw It Out the Other Side!
122 Show Them Your “Values”
122 Cos’ Credo
122 To Blog or Not to Blog?
123 Your Mailing List Could Be Worth $1,000,000.00
123 How Increase Your Web Traffic
123 Even more ways to increase web traffic for free!
123 Ask and You Shall Receive
123 Advertise for what you want AND for what you don’t want.
124 Laser-sharp Focus Gets You More Clients
124 I’m in the Phone Book!!
124 Two Marketing Truisms
124 The Appraisal Profession Will Hit a Wall – Are you ready?
125 Video Marketing
125 Need a Reason for a Press Release?
125 Choose Your Headlines Carefully
125 Making Yourself an Authority
125 Call in Day Update
126 How’s Your Press Room?
126 Gatekeepers Protect the Flock
126 You Were on the Radio?
126 Too few “Thieves” on Our Subscription List.
126 Do It All! Do It Now!
127 Reality Check
127 But the Appraisal Business is Different
127 One Price Fits All — Or does it?
127 Set Goal Lines Not Dead Lines
128 Billing Time – All of it!
128 Selling Your Appraisal Services
128 Creating and Using Your 30 Second, Award-winning Advertisement
129 What’s holding you back?
129 Money Making Appraisal Conferences
129 How to Be a Celebrity Appraiser
130 Making The Most Of Your Telephone
131 Are You Scoping the Right Target?
131 Branding With Music
134 Hard Times Are Here Again
134 A Carrot of Gold
135 Marketing Your Appraisal Services: Facts, Myths, and Archery (yes, archery)
136 Leon’s Top Ten Tip for Appraiser Success
137 Your Mastermind Marketing Plan – the key to business success.
137 Paying a Visit Really Pays
137 Yea, You Do Need To Know That
137 Check out a webinar
137 Those Pesky Booster Ads
137 Steal This Booster

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