We’re Taking the Show On The Road!!

New Business Seminars and Workshops for Your Appraisal Practice Coming Soon

Designed and Presented by: Leon Castner and Brian Kathenes

Get on board and in the classroom for these programs — designed to get you more, and better business:

• Speaking for Business – How to Create an Endless Stream of High-paying Appraisal Clients

• Selling Your Appraisal Services – A Complete Approach to Selling Without Ever Making a Cold Call.
• Taking on Challenging Appraisal Engagements – Considering Blockage, Archives, Inventories, and   Large Collections
• Appraisers’ Bootcamp: An Intensive, Hands-on Marketing and Business Development System for Your Appraisal Practice
• You Are an Author: How to Write, Publish and Sell Your Own Book in Less than 120 days.
• Litigation Support: An Appraiser’s New Profitable Service

Keep an eye open dates and details in your e-mail and at www.AppraiserSuccess.com