Are “Sales” and “Selling” dirty words? Some folks think so. This month we’ll share some critical sales ideas, tips, and proven approaches to creating and maintaining business
relationships that create long-term, repeat sales, and referrals.

One of my favorite consulting engagements is for a client I have worked with for more than
twenty  years. It is a sales and relationship-building program for senior level managers of a global consulting firm.  I and thirty other CEOs join forces to coach and train more than 450 managing directors in the fine skill (and art) of building relationships on the executive “C-Level”  (CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, etc.).

It is a sales course based on the concept that you can’t sell anything to anybody if they don’t trust you. Building trust is an essential skill in any appraisal practice.  You are walking through a person’s home or office.  You are touching their stuff.  It is an inherently invasive process.

Trust is the key to getting the job, and maintaining the relationship.

The best way to build trust is to learn about your client and their interests. Make it a professional and friendly conversation. The more they talk, and the less you talk, the faster you will build the relationship. Let them know you are interested in them and their needs and wants.

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