Marketing Your Appraisal Practice

Every year I join a few of my friends at a local minor league baseball game.  We meet at the generous offer of one of our Marketing Geezers, who hosts box seats, food, and libations.  

We sit and catch up on each others’ lives and families (and even watch the game once in awhile), but we mainly share ideas, stories and suggestions on how to build successful businesses and expand on new ideas and projects.

If someone was to sit in on this meeting and pay for our collective time during this four-hour evening, the cost would be in excess of $10,500.00, based upon the sum of each of our hourly consulting rates.  

– – – And frankly, it would be a bargain at twice the price.  These guys are the absolute tops in their field.

There are always two major concepts that continue to surface during our discussions. These two ideas are the key to any successful business.

Concept number one:  Do many things now! Don’t wait until it’s perfect.  Don’t wait until every part of your marketing plan is ready to go. Don’t wait until it’s perfect.  Get things going now — lot’s of things, to lots of your prospects. e-mail, fax, snail mail, telephone calls, greeting cards, newsletters — do it all now.

Concept number two:  If you’re a one trick pony now, you’ll be a dead horse soon.

You need back-end products and diversity.  Appraisers that just do appraisals, limit their income drastically.  There are hundreds (yes HUNDREDS) of appraisal related products and services.  If you want to know more about the hundreds of products and services you can offer go to: and get on board before the boat leaves.

Authors that sell only their books are doomed to disappointing incomes.  You need follow up podcasts, audio books, manuals, newsletters, and public appearances.

Accountants must offer more than taxes preparation services, or they’ll spontaneously combust on April 15th.

Here’s the point:  Do something now to build your business — Do ANYTHING NOW.  

One Marketing Geezer Guru has spoken.

Best,  Brian