2018 – 2019 USPAP Personal Property 7 & 15-Hour Classes

You need to stay ahead of your competition, to survive and thrive. Discover the required USPAP changes, and update your resume with the 2018-2019 USPAP Standard!!

Your Instructor is Leon Castner. He’s the former Director of Education for lSA, and an AQB certified instructor.  Leon will provide you with a clear understanding of USPAP (if its the 15-hour) – no test for the 7-hour update, and how it applies to your personal property appraisal practice, along with the latest USPAP updates.

You’ll be part of a workshop-type, interactive class that will be both educational AND entertaining.

You’ll leave wondering why it couldn’t have always been this easy to understand. Learn more at about the 7-hour update at: NAC-7-hour- USPAP and the 15-hour at: NAC-15-hour-USPAP

You can download your USPAP Manual on the Appraisal Foundation Website: https://www.appraisalfoundation.org/

OR – give us call at: (908) 459-5996 for more info