Join Brian Kathenes, for an absolutely free, live-stream webinar:
Appraising Autographs, Manuscripts, & Historical Documents 
– Identifying Phonies, Fakes, Forgeries

When: September 10th, 2019
Time: 8:00PM Eastern time 

Sponsored by The Manuscript Society

Brian will a share some of the most famous and intriguing 
phonies, fakes, and forgeries in the autograph collecting world.  
Brian’s webinars are always lively, interactive, informative, and educational.

Discover the secrets of easily spotting the most notorious fake autographs, 
bogus manuscripts, and facsimile documents that plague the field.

Certified Autograph Appraiser and Manuscript Society Trustee, Brian Kathenes, will take you on an exciting autograph identification journey.

In this one-hour, interactive, live-stream webinar you’ll discover:

  • Nine ways to easily spot a fake autograph
  • The Magic Date for Secretarial Presidential Land Grants
  • What simple equipment you’ll need to be an “Autograph Detective”
  • Seven characteristics of an “AutoPen” signature
  • How to use the “Feel of Steel” technique to identify non-genuine signatures
  • Abraham Lincoln’s “three tier” signature test
  • How a “dot” can reveal a famous secretarial signature
  • Who really signed US Grant’s memoirs?
  • How “raking light” detects printed signatures in photographs
  • And much more

And it’s totally free!  Join us on Tuesday, September 10th, 8:00PM Eastern.

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About Brian

Brian G. Kathenes, ISA-CAPP, is a 30-year member and Trustee of the Manuscript Society. 
Brian is a Certified Appraiser of Autographs, Manuscripts & Historical Documents. 
He hosts Value This! with Brian and Leon, a nationally syndicated 
antiques and collect­ibles talk show on public radio. 

Brian has chaired the International Society of Appraisers Ethics Committee and was keynote speaker at the Folger Shakespeare Library and the Library of Congress. 

Brian was an expert witness in the Nixon Watergate Papers case.  
He provides his autograph expertise for the FBI, US Marshals Service, 
US Customs & Border Protection, and Homeland Security Investigations.  
His appraisal clients include International Museums, University Libraries, 
NASA Astronauts, Grammy Award Winners, US Presidents, and Nobel Prize Recipients.

When: September 10th, 2019. Time: 8:00PM Eastern time 

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The Manuscript Society now offers free webinars!  
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