Things TO DO When Things Get Slow

In the Inner Circle Appraiser News Section Inner_Circle_Appraiser , I posted an article about what NOT to do when things get slow. Here’s what TO DO when things get slow.

Cater to Your Existing Client Base:

Cold calls are rarely effective. Reconnecting telephone calls, emails, and notes, to your existing clients work much better. They know who you are. They know how good your work is, and they trust you.

Know the Lifetime Value of Your Clients:

Review your client files. How many have provided repeat business? How many could have provided you with more business, IF they remembered you, or you kept your name in front of them?

Clean up your contact list:

When was the last time you reviewed all your contacts? Clients and colleagues change email addresses more frequently than their physical address. If your emails are bouncing, then it’s time to send a postcard, letter, or note via snail mail.

Find reasons to make contact:

Not sure what to say or write? Use the hundreds of the daily calendar topics published in your newsletter a few issues ago.

These topics are all on-line and available for at just for you at:

Make Contact Now:

Phone calls, postcards, letters, updates, newsletters, seminars, e-mails, visits, gifts, specials, articles.

Rip and Read Marketing:

“Read to Share.” As you read the news and periodicals keep your clients and prospects in mind.

If it’s a hard copy publication rip it out and send it to someone. If it is an online article, forward it to them, or share the link.

It’s a great way to keep in touch, and to let them know you are thinking of them.

Increase Your Transaction Size: Two ways to make more:

  • Increase the number of transactions – That means get more jobs – Learn how to effectively sell your services and your expertise.
  • Increase Your Transaction Size
    That means – add a service, add a benefit,offer more, upsell the job- Bill for all your time, and for all your expenses.