Knowing how to sell and market appraisal services is critical to your success — Especially in today’s economy.

James Gamble of Proctor and Gamble made this statement many years ago. No offense to our soap-making friends and clients – – but is it true?

How much of the success of any item or service is based on the quality of the product or service?

– Or is it just the ability to market and sell it?

Far too often, professional, trained, tested, and certified appraisers lose work to unqualified, non-credentialed pirates who call themselves “appraisers.”

Why? – Probably because they know how to sell better than most qualfiied appraisers, who rely upon their credentials to do the “selling.”

To compete and beat these appraisal pirates you must learn how to sell. It’s a skill and an art that can be developed and applied.

Selling NOT a dirty word. It is a requirment of the most successful. appraisers and value consultants.

Your thoughts?

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