Marketing Ideas for Appraisers – How Many CVs Does an Appraiser Need? 

Trick question? Perhaps – – The question does not have a definitive answer. It is however, an important subject to ponder. Here’s how you can easily determine how many different CV’s you need to position yourself and your firm to land the most significant appraisal specialty and generalist engagements. 

Here’s a three-step process to create the numbers of CVs you’ll need. 

1) Identify your specialties. List the personal property subjects in which you are “better- than-average.” It might be a narrow specialty; perhaps American Civil War weapons, or quilts. Consider also, a more broad specialty – – 20th century prints for example. 

This list becomes your “specialty pool.” You can use it to convert your main CV into a targeted CV. 

2) Review your appraisal engagement history. Review your invoices over the past year to identify what the types of personal property you have appraised.

3) Pick your top three subjects for starters. 

Make those items the focus of your specialty CV. 

Edit your existing CV by “spicing it up” a bit. Add a few lines that highlight your experience and knowledge in that particular subject. If you took a class on the specialty, add it to the mix and note where you took it and when. If you have written an article related to your specialty, include the title and short blurb about its content AND – if you haven’t written one yet, then get to it. 

Did you teach a class or run a webinar or seminar on the subject? Make sure you include that in your specialty CV. 

Don’t take out the generalist stuff – just add to it. 

Why would anyone invest the time and energy to create specialty CVs? 

You are competing with loads of appraisers, too many of which are totally unqualified. You owe it to your prospect to help them find the right appraiser. When you respond to an email or a telephone request, you can respond with a CV that specifically targets the need of the prospect. 

For example: Some one calls requesting an appraisal of some sterling silver flatware and hollowware. If you send them your silver specialty CV, you’ve put your best skill up front. 

Your competition will most likely send a generic CV that may mention silver, but it does not highlight their specialty. 

At NAC, if we get a request for a specific subject, we’ll create a custom CV for that proposal, request or RFP. I have at least fifteen of them in my CV folder. 

In our appraiser success seminars, our expert witness guest speaker litigation attorneys tell our students to have a CV specifically designed for each case and subject. 

You owe it to your prospect to help them find the right appraiser. A specialty CV sets you apart from the routine generalist.