What to do when they ask “Do You Charge for an Appraisal?”

Appraisers hear it all the time:  “Do you charge for an appraisal?” 
The correct answer to this ‘buying signal’ is NOT “Yes”, or No”. 
The right answer is a carefully constructed, concise reply that highlights the dangers of ‘free appraisals.”  
We all know what they are.  The trick is how to share this information in a short phone conversation or email.

If you do provide free advice or free appraisals (the choice is certainly yours),  please be aware of the serious dangers in providing ‘free appraisals’ or ‘free advice.’  And by the way — NONE of them have ANYTHING to do with USPAP, or the value or the advice you provide.

Want to learn more? Or need a bit of help constructing your script or email reply?

This month’s Third Thursday live-stream, Appraisal Educational Webinar is:  
What to do when they ask — ‘Do you charge for an appraisal?’

We’ll explore the ways to handle this query, and how to position yourself to 
avoid spinning your wheels with these types of requests. 

 It may be easier than you think.

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Leon Castner, ISA CAPP is your certified appraiser, instructor, and host.


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