2018 – 2019 USPAP Personal Property 7 & 15-Hour Classes

Stay ahead of your competition, discover the required USPAP changes, and update your resume with the 2018-2019 USPAP Standard!!

Your Instructor, Leon Castner, is the former Director of Education for lSA, and an AQB certified instructor.  Leon will provide you with a clear understanding and test preparation of USPAP, and how it applies to your personal property appraisal practice, along with the latest USPAP updates.

You’ll be part of a workshop-type, interactive class that will be both educational AND entertaining.

You’ll leave wondering why it couldn’t have always been this easy to understand.

Successful Appraising Free Educational Webinar Series

Boost your specialty knowledge!

Join us for a free series of short and informative webinars on all types of collectibles including, autographs, glass, stamps, silver, coins, furniture, Hollywood collectibles, and sports memorabilia.

Quick, concise, entertaining, and exciting topics.

You’ll be a part of a live webinar – joined by fellow collectors, appraisers, auctioneers, and hobbyists.

Check out the series and sign up for free!  You’ll love it.

Marketing Bootcamp-In-A-Box

You can stumble around for years trying to figure out how to become a highly-paid, in-demand, wealthy, well-known, respected, professional Appraiser…

Or you can learn the proven step-by-step system for successfully taking your appraisal practice to a new level of high-performance and amazing profitability, quickly and easily, in your own office or home…

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Inner Circle Appraisal Member 

The NAC Appraisal Business Development Inner Circle website is THE marketing site in the personal property appraisal field. The site is packed with solid, step-by-step, how-to information that you can put into action immediately. It’s designed exclusively for your personal property appraisal practice — whatever your specialty.

Inner Circle Appraiser is your full resource for everything you need to be the best appraiser you can. When you become an Inner Circle Member, you benefit from…

Successful Selling Strategies: Volume 1

Without Doing a Stitch More Work, or Changing the Way You Do Business.

This special report is packed with dozens of proven tips you can use to instantly sell more of your products and services. You’ll hear the sales and marketing systems Brian Kathenes teaches to the top sales and marketing teams in the country.

You’ll discover:

  • New ways to “Feed the Sales Monster.”
  • Why positioning is far more effective than prospecting.
  • How to make every telephone call a selling opportunity.
  • When to use technology to create a sales system.
  • Where you should be spending most of your sales efforts.
  • Ways to save time, money, and energy on your marketing plan.
  • Why you need to know the difference between sales and marketing.
  • How to identify your sales cycle and why you need to know it.

You’ll receive an audio CD and work manual, along with action item forms, planning sheets and target marketing questionnaire.  You’ll hear Brian Kathenes’ expert advice on the Audio CD from Julianne Weinman’s “Taking Care of Business” radio program. It’s like having Brian as your ‘in-office’ sales and marketing consultant.  Don’t let another day go by without maximizing your sales and marketing efforts.

The 3 C’s of Selling

Get the Secrets to Making Mores Sales With Less Effort and Greater Results Using the Simple “3 C’s of Selling.”  We’ve packaged this simple and effective technique into a special appraiser’s program containing an audio CD, a handy pocket card, and an easy-to-read manual, for the ridiculously low price of just $7.99. And get a special bonus (a $45.00 value free) when you order.

Peter Sun’s “Maximum Profit In Minimum Time”

Today, Peter Sun is one of the world’s top ranked marketing experts, earning up to $104,000 a month and commanding $2,000.00 per hour for consultations.  But it wasn’t always that way. Five years ago Peter made a crucial decision that changed and radically improved his life. He swore never to own a conventional business again. Instead he elected to stay close to his family and work from home. In the following years Peter has carved a reputation as one of Australia’s best and highest paid ($2,000 per hour) marketing consultants. However after seeing two of his last clients make over $65,000 a week from just two ads and direct mail strategies he formulated for them, he decided to change yet again. He quit his consulting business by “asking” all his clients and decided to take the advice he’s been giving to others and apply it to his own Direct Mail Business — selling information products to hungry business owners who want to improve their sales and profits.  Since then, working a total of just three to four days a week, Peter Sun manages to generate well over…

Paul Hartunian’s Million Dollar Publicity Kit

A complete publicity system packed with step-by-step techniques for getting huge amounts of free publicity.

Paul and I have been friends for over 25 years. We’ve been in similar business, traveled around the world together, sat on the same non-profit boards, and when we got tired of all that — we started a series of outrageous contests with each other. My favorite crazy idea was our publicity contest. I got coverage in the local paper — he got on the local radio. I ended up in the New York Times — he ended up in Forbes Magazine. I was on the biggest radio station in the U.S. — he was a guest on Oprah. I had an article published in Playboy and he ended up on Johnny Carson. I had a section in USA Today and he ended up on “To Tell the Truth.” OK, Paul won.

This guy knows publicity! I know you will find his kit to be invaluable.

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Bob Serling’s Power Marketing Program

Here’s How To Get All Leads You’ll Ever Need For Your Appraisal Business – It’s Bob Serling’s Power Marketing Program

Bob Serling has developed, tested, and perfected TWO powerful lead generation mailing FORMATS that produce explosive results. Bob put these formats into a manual with foolproof step-by-step instructions called the New Business Power Marketing Program. We’ve used it with tremendous results. This stuff works so well we bought the reprint rights to this manual, so we can offer it to you.