You Can Stumble Around For Years Trying To Figure Out How To Become A Highly-paid, In-demand, Wealthy, Well-known, Respected, Professional Appraiser…

…or you can learn the proven step-by step system for successfully taking your appraisal practice to a new level of high-performance and amazing profitability, quickly and easily, in your own office or home in less than one week, guaranteed!


Dear Fellow Appraiser,

You’ve been working your fingers to the bone running your appraisal business.

Isn’t it time you found the way to get all the high-quality appraisal work you ever wanted —  at billable rates you’ve only dreamed of — without wearing yourself out?

  • Have you ever wondered if anyone really gets wealthy in the appraisal business?
  • Do you think your specialty is too narrow or too broad to charge what you’re really worth?
  • Are you stuck with the small appraisal jobs and those low-paying clients that don’t appreciate or understand your level of training and knowledge?
  • Sick and tired of untrained, untested, uneducated people calling themselves appraisers who keep stealing your clients?
  • Ever wonder what it would be like to have all the business you really wanted with the right clients paying you top dollar for your expertise and knowledge?
  • Think you’re in a community too small to support you and your practice?

Well the truth is…

  • no matter what your specialty,
  • no matter what your business experience
  • no matter how small or large your town
  • no matter who your clients are now…

You can transform your appraisal business into a ticket to freedom!

  • You can make your business work for you.
  • You can run your business — and not let your business run you.
  • You can find and retain the best clients, the best jobs, and bill your best rate on every appraisal you perform.
  • You can have more free time to do what you want to do, instead of being bogged down with unproductive non-billable work that drains your energy, your money, and your enthusiasm.
This past couple weeks we have booked a Divorce Appraisal, Estate Appraisal, Brokering a Collection, Donation Appraisal plus several speaking events. I attribute the upturn in our appraisal business to the tools, suggestions and examples provided by the Boot Camp seminars. I was able to implement several strategies like networking and targeting “gate keepers” to focusing our business. I am still seeing results even 2 years after taking the initial class.

Tim Luke, On-air Appraiser
HGTV’s Cash in the Attic
Treasure Quest Appraisal Group

The most qualified appraisers are not necessarily,
the most successful appraisers.

  • Just because someone can effectively appraise, doesn’t mean he or she can effectively market and sell appraisal services.
  • The most successful and profitable appraisers are those people who know the strategies, and the tactics of effective marketing and business development, and know how to use them.

This is the final wake-up call for those qualified appraisers who are
ready to make a major change in their business.

  • You can believe the myths about how to run an appraisal business.
  • You can sift through hundreds of books on marketing sales, and operating a small business, hoping to find an author that knows what he’s talking about.
  • You can struggle with tiny, low-paying appraisal assignments that are loaded with aggravation and time-wasting paperwork.
  • You can give up and settle for a career and an income that’s less than you deserve.

You can take action, and change your
business and your life – forever

Finally –someone noticed that appraisers should make a good living and then created a powerful seminar for that purpose. In ten years of seminars, conferences, classes, and lectures, the Professional Appraisers Bootcamp was the best investment I’ve ever made in education. It’s one of those rare seminars that not only tells you what to do, but how to actually do it! Thanks for making a significant contribution to the appraisal profession and to my future income!

Gregory E. Sherman, GG, FGA, DGA
Appraiser, Educator, Professional Speaker
President, Gregory E. Sherman & Associates

Hi, I’m Brian Kathenes. Leon Castner and I know that the appraisal business is one of the most exciting, thrilling, and profitable businesses you can own and run.

We also know the challenges you face. We know the struggles you live through, and we can show you how to quickly, effectively, and easily take your appraisal practice to an unimagined level of success.

When we first started our appraisal businesses over 20 years ago, we struggled to find clients and were lucky to book any kind of appraisal work. We scraped and stumbled to keep our appraisal practices afloat. We wondered if we could survive in the appraisal business.

But then we discovered the secrets of marketing appraisal services to high-end clients and even to the “locals,” and created one of the most successful appraisal firms in the nation.

It didn’t happen overnight. I read over 135 marketing and sales books. I researched the specific elements of the selling and marketing of appraisal services. We took all of my marketing and sales expertise of other successful businesses and made the subtle and drastic changes and applied it to the appraisal business. Leon studied the metrics and looked at our marketing and sales campaign results.

It took us thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars. We tested ideas and failed. We tested something else and failed. We kept trying new ideas, different systems…

And then President Richard Nixon’s lawyers called, and we landed the one of biggest appraisal jobs of our careers —

It was the Nixon Watergate Presidential Papers Case!

And the phone kept ringing with solid, steady, highly-profitable, appraisal work from dozens of clients, ready and willing to pay our top appraisal and consulting rates.

Bingo!  We had discovered and created the appraisal marketing system that would keep us in exciting, challenging, and high-paying appraisal work forever.

We want to share our appraisal marketing and business development secrets with you. We’ve presented our proven system of appraisal success to a limited number of hand-picked appraisers in our famous, live, three-day NAC Appraiser’s Marketing Bootcamp.

And now, We’ve packaged the whole program into a special kit just for you called the:

NAC Appraiser’s Marketing Bootcamp-in-a-Box

Why are they doing this?  Actually there are two reasons:

  1. Because, we believe highly-trained, professional appraisers, should be really wealthy! And…
  2. Because, most appraisal professionals are highly-trained and qualified appraisers, but lousy business people, and, we know that professionally trained appraisers have the best appraisal qualifications in the profession, but we also know that most appraisers don’t have the foggiest idea of how to successfully market an appraisal practice.

You’ve spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours becoming a qualified, competent appraiser — Isn’t it time you made all that hard work and appraisal training pay off for you?

I just wanted to tell you guys how busy I am with appraisals all of a sudden. I honestly cannot keep up with the requests for appraisals right now. Thank you so much for the encouragement. Your boot camp gave me the confidence to take on jobs I would have been afraid to take on earlier. The Appraisal Boot Camp was without a doubt the best appraisal training that I have had. The network group that we formed at boot camp was worth the price of the course alone. Brian and Leon openly shared their knowledge with us from their many years and experiences in this business. I learned to step out of my “comfort zone” and it has literally paid off! I would recommend the boot camp to new appraisers and to those that have been in the business for many years. I have a newfound enthusiasm for my business!

Robin Varnes Braswell
Braswell Appraisal Services
Satellite Beach, Florida

Here’s are just some of the topics we cover in detail in your NAC Appraiser’s Marketing Bootcamp-in-a-Box

  • Why Appraisal Marketing is different than all other types of marketing
  • The Self-Survey: Who You Are is Based on Past Performance
  • Windows of Perception: Business Styles & Personality Conflicts
  • Getting a Different Perspective: Image & Presentation: Windows of perception / blind spots and feedback in the appraisal profession
  • Appraisal Store: (The Value Depot) – Expanding Your Horizons, Knowing What You Have to Offer, Expertise in Broad Areas
  • Expanding Your Horizons: The Brand Names — Formal Appraisal Services, The Specialist, The Catalogue
  • Time is truly money: Products versus Appraisal Services
  • Marketing & Sales – General Tips: Promoting Yourself, Free Advertising, Milking the PR Market For All It’s Worth
  • Anatomy of an Appraisal Press Release: How To Promote, Publicize and Improve Your Appraisal Business, for Practically Nothing
  • Almost free advertising for your business: The key to successful ‘free’ Publicity
  • Why people want you: W I I – FM and W I B D – or – W G A D
  • The Secret of Becoming a Walking “sound bite!”
  • Beating the Bushes: How to never be slow again
  • Using Time to Your Advantage: Billable Hours, Appointment Billing, Costs/Rates/Worth
  • You Win More By Giving Up: Gatekeepers: Selecting the Right Market For Each Function, Identifying Potential Clients & Prospects
  • Appraisal Benefits vs. the Features: Endless Supply of Prospects; Telephone Techniques
  • Appraisal Jobs to Ignore: The “Not Worth It” Task, People to Ignore: The Problem Kids
  • Formula Headlines, Questions & Statements: Television, Radio, Print, Web, In-person
  • Appraisal Business Development Secrets You Can’t Learn in a Classroom
  • Defining The Perfect Appraisal Client, Target Your Client
  • Your rates: Fees, Rates, Expenses
  • “Sales” Letters: A.I.D.A.S.: “Sell” the Sizzle not the Steak, Benefits not Features
  • Anatomy of an Appraisal: The psychology of the appraisal selling process
  • Selling by the Numbers: Calculating average gross receipts per day via…
  • Positioning your firm vs. Prospecting: We’re number two and proud of it
  • Great Sales Come From “Knows”
  • Stop advertising your telephone number until…
  • The Inside Story of Selling: L.E.A.R.N.-ing to sell more effectively
  • Memorize the Satisfaction Equation
  • Building Trust & Integrity: Honoring Agreements
  • The Internet: websites, marketing, blogs, e-zines, e-articles
  • Agreements: Contracts, Retainer letters, Letters of engagement
  • Getting paid — on time: Terms, Retainers, Managing Scope Creep.
  • Group Activity: A Team Appraisal
  • Reentry: what do you do first when you return to the office?

So who are we to be teaching this stuff?

Leon and I are Partners of National Appraisal Consultants, LLC. We were expert witnesses in the Nixon Watergate Presidential Papers Case. We serve as consultants and appraisers for the IRS, US Marshal’s Service, Department of Homeland Security, and provide appraisals and consulting advice for most of the largest insurance companies in the US. We are trained, tested, and certified appraisers.

I design and teach small business marketing programs for Rutgers University, the Department of Labor, and the State of NJ Small Business Development Centers. We host a weekly radio show on Public Radio. We appear regularly on TV, in newspapers and magazines. We’ve written or edited six books.

Leon and I have taken all of our appraisal marketing and sales knowledge and presented it to a select few appraisers in a jam-packed, three-day program. Now you can get our 50 combined years of experience — the good, the bad, and the ugly — in one complete, step-by-step, kit designed specifically for you.

We give you the pre-written sales letters, press releases, postcards, advertisements, contracts, proposals, promotional pieces, newsletter formats

— all in fill-in-the-blank formats for you —

I arrived in Dallas to attend the NAC Appraisers Boot Camp with great expectations. The topics that the course covered were all the areas that My Business needed help with. Like someone said “The Core Courses can teach us to be good appraisers but what they don’t teach us is how to be good businessmen!” I especially liked all of the insider information that was shared with us, Thanks to the course you have shaved years off my learning curve. Your course has definitely kick-started my Appraisal Business! I left Dallas with much more than I ever could have dreamed. Thank you Leon and Brian for erasing all my “Limiting Conditions”

Johanna Johnson

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 14 Audio CDs — unedited — capturing the entire three days of intensive, appraisal business development strategies, tactics and secrets, from our live, three-day NAC Appraisers’ Marketing Bootcamp including:
  • A killer marketing system and a dynamic marketing plan, designed specifically for personal property appraisal firms.
  • The real story on how to get to the “keepers of the gate” that will gladly put you in touch with, and recommend you to, the high-paying, high-profit clients in your appraisal specialty.
  • The Appraisal Selling System, including the seven types of appraisal sales calls, and how to use them to gain more business, better business, and continued repeat business.
  • Time management strategies for stopping those energy-draining, non-productive hours. Plus a system for eliminating the money-sucking time traps most appraisers fall into.
  • The most common business myth about the appraisal business and how to use this knowledge to create unlimited additional products and services for your clients and customers.
  • A publicity plan that you can implement immediately to get coverage by newspapers, radio and television for practically no cost at all. And the step-by-step system to leverage your free publicity into new business.
  • The inside story on how to create a true network of appraisers so you can provide appraisal services to more clients, in more fields than you ever thought possible.
  • 15 ways to increase the services you provide that your existing clients are ready and willing to pay for.
  • Positioning versus prospecting: The key to endless referrals.
Newspaper writer just left the house. I stood up in Rotary and paid a dollar to say my name was in writing in the rec dept catalog. I met with the head librarian and I have the display case for June, which will help promote my 2 part series of classes in July at the rec. dept. AND she gave me a list of contacts for press releases. I found a…class on how to use their research system, and I will probably hook into her genealogy class and tell people how to date old photos. She also wants me to recommend books for their antiques and collectibles section. I can’t tell you how happy (BIG SMILE HERE) I am about the results I am realizing from the class. I won’t bore you anymore with the successes…

Valerie S. Hale, ISA AM
Peachtree, GA
Recipient of the ISA Publicity Award

Your DELUXE KIT includes everything listed above plus all these bonuses listed below which includes one-on-one access to Brian ad Leon us, in the form of these extra certificates:

  • Two, 30-minute personal, one-on-one business coaching and consulting sessions, via telephone with Brian Kathenes. Good for one year. (A $500.00 value.)
  • Two, 30-minute personal, one-on-one business coaching and consulting sessions, via telephone with Leon Castner. Good for one year. (A $500.00 value.)
  • Two, Marketing Critique Certificates good for the review of any advertisement, press release, marketing brochure, or website. (A $500.00 value.)
  • A one year membership to Brian and Leon’s “Appraiser’s Inner Circle.” This special membership gives you access to special offers, member only websites, special Inner Circle tele-seminars, discounts on products and services. (A $240.00 Value.)

Our live, bootcamp seminar participants paid $2,997.00, plus airfare, ground transportation, hotels, meals, and expenses, to attend the three-day, live, Appraiser’s Marketing Bootcamp.

But you can get all the information, handouts, manuals and extra bonuses for an amazingly low investment.

The Money-back Guaranteed Investment in this Proven,
Appraisal Marketing Business System
is only $797.00.

The DELUXE KIT is only $797.00.

Get your Appraisal Marketing Bootcamp-in-a-Box:


This is not a get rich quick scheme. You will need to listen to the CDs, learn the systems and the secrets we share with you, then put them to use. If you expect to see money in our mailbox when you open the package, don’t waste your time, our time, or the time of those who have chosen to make a major difference in their lives.

But — if you are ready to transform your appraisal business, and your life, then the time is now.

How can you be sure our system will work for you?


This special Appraiser’s Marketing Bootcamp-in-a-Box comes with an unconditional, three-month, money-back guarantee.

If at any time within three months of receiving your kit, you are not convinced it was the best investment you have ever made in your appraisal career, simply return the 14 CD’s, all your course materials, and your multiple free bonuses, and we will refund your entire investment, Eagle Scout’s honor.

Don’t let your competition learn the secrets of successful appraisal marketing before you do

Got some awesome feedback on an appraisal I did…full price…no questions asked…go figure…I hate it when you are always right…smile.

Cauleet Viscoff, ISA CAPP
Peterborough, Ontario


How much money and time are you wasting right now by not knowing the best way to market your appraisal services? By applying these techniques, you’ll position your firm to grow your client base and your market. Don’t let your competitors be the ones who get the appraisal marketing edge you need.

Order Your Own Appraisal Marketing
Bootcamp-in-a-Box Now:

This course teaches the business aspect of our contacts with clients. Great ideas came from our group because we all knew the investment in money and time for that weekend was minor compared to what we got in return. Also that access to Leon and Brian in the future is worth the price of the course alone.

Zoe TeBeau, ISA AM
Claremont CA

When you are ready to hear…things happen! The Appraiser’s Boot Camp is where I began to appreciate how some truly fundamental business procedures and ideas are crucial to success. And, with this realization came a plan for action and the support for implementing these very concepts. I have had the encouragement to step out and focus on things out of my normal comfort zone.  I have made tremendous strides in only a few short months in doing things for my business that I have known for a very long time were most important. The Appraiser’s Boot Camp was my “round tuit.” Thank you Brian and Leon!

Logan Adams, ISA CAPP
Specialists of the South
Panama City, FL

The Bootcamp offered by National Appraisal Consultants helped to sharpen existing tools and introduce new ones.  In the week since completing the workshop I have implemented several new strategies, refined the utilization of a few tactics, and as a result I’m building a stronger practice, developing new business, and have already increased revenues.

Kathleen Gallagher ISA AM
Heritage Inventory & Appraisal Services
Napa, CA
Recipient of the ISA Marketing Award

Order Your Own Appraisal Marketing
Bootcamp-in-a-Box Now:

Wishing you great success in your appraisal practice!

Best Regards,
Brian & Leon