Get the latest and most recent and current version of USPAP on your resume - Now!!

Your Instructor, Leon Castner, is the former Director of Education for lSA, and an AQB certified instructor.

Leon will provide you with a clear understanding and test preparation of USPAP, and how it applies to your personal property appraisal practice, along with the latest USPAP updates.  

You’ll be part of a workshop-type, interactive class that will be both educational AND entertaining.

You’ll leave wondering why it couldn’t have always been this easy to understand.

New 15-hour USPAP Classes
Coming Soon

Call: (908) 459-5996
Or Text: (908) 256-6119
for the latest info.

This TAF approved and licensed class is for any personal property appraiser needing the 15-hour Personal Property USPAP Program

You do not need to be a member of a sponsoring appraisal organization to attend.

This USPAP class does require an exam, which will administered remotely by a local proctor at your local college or library.

Provided by your fellow appraisers at: 
National Appraisal Consultants, LLC


   “Many thanks for the excellent (USPAP) Webinar.” 

I sure hope Leon never stops doing this.
Taking the course from anyone else is like drinking sauerkraut juice.”

“He sure makes it look easy, and it’s enjoyable.”

Jack Bacon ISA-AM
International Society of Appraisers, Accredited Member
Reno, Nevada


 “Many thanks for a concise and easily comprehended
USPAP compliance course.”

“I enjoyed (yes enjoyed USPAP day) your presentation and obvious compassion
for Personal Property Appraisers to be educated and informed properly
order to represent our clients, ISA, the public, and the
Appraisal Profession with integrity and professionalism.”
“Thanks for a lovely day.”

Janet L. Ross ISA AM
International Society of Appraisers, Accredited Member
Surf City, New Jersey

Happy Appraising!!!

Please note that all students must have the most current  USPAP Manual.
If you don’t already own it, you can purchase it through
The Appraisal Foundation on their website.

Students must have a student workbook, which will be provided, 
absolutely free, as download link once you register. 

Get in on this program now, before it fills up.


New 15-hour USPAP Classes Coming Soon

Call: (908) 459-5996
Or Text: (908) 256-6119
for the latest info.