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August 15, 2019:  What’s Coming in the 2020 USPAP? – Leon Castner is your host – 8:00PM- 9:00PM Eastern

 Yes, it’s that time again.  USPAP is changing as of January 2020 and even though you may not have to take the 7 hour class for a while, learn about the upcoming changes and what to expect. 

September 19, 2019:  Specialist or Generalist?  Why you should be BOTH!  – Brian Kathenes is your host – 8:00PM- 9:00PM Eastern

 What makes a generalist a generalist? What makes a specialist a specialist?

The most successful appraisers have a specialty, even if they consider themselves to be a generalist. Discover how to position and market your specialty knowledge into a high-paying specialty rate and a new world of business.

October 17, 2019:  Approaches to Value:  Which One is Best? – Leon Castner is your host – 8:00PM- 9:00PM Eastern

 Can you name the three approaches to value and explain how they work?  Which one is best for your assignment?  Can you use more than one?  When?

November 21, 2019:  VIP Clients – How you find them – How to serve them – How to keep them for life – Brian Kathenes is your host – 8:00PM- 9:00PM Eastern

 The banking industry and financial services world know how to target, serve, and keep VIP clients in their ‘Private Client’ portfolio.

Discovery how this elite group can be a huge part of your business.

HOLIDAY BREAK — No webinar in December

January 16, 2020:  Consultation or Appraisal-Which Is It? – Leon Castner is your host – 8:00PM- 9:00PM Eastern

Can you provide consultations?  Must you follow some guidelines?  How is a consultation different from an appraisal?

February 20, 2020:  Appraising Archives and Collections; Big and Small – Brian Kathenes your host – 8:00PM- 9:00PM Eastern

Archives and collections appraisals can be an important part of your appraisal offerings.

Being successful at it means knowing how to estimate the volume of material to be inspected and appraised. How large sample is needed?  Who can help? Using archivists and librarians; Estimating fees and expenses, creating the onsite inspcotn game plan.  We’ll cover it all.

March 19, 2020:   Do You Charge for an Appraisal? Leon Castner is your host – 8:00PM- 9:00PM Eastern

 What’s the most common comment you hear from the public about appraisal services?  You guessed it!  – –  “Do you charge anything?”  – – We’ll explore the ways to handle this query and how to position yourself to avoid spinning your wheels with these types of requests.  It may be easier than you think.


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